Know Sydney, know thyself.

A 29 day pilgrimage of discovery.


The Camino de Sydney is a pilgrimage of discovery in Sydney, Australia. It covers
600 km over 29 days of walking.

Camino means “walk” or “way” in Spanish. The Camino de Sydney is a pilgrimage of external and internal discovery. On the outside, you will discover new areas and sites of Sydney. On the inside, you will have time to reflect as you visit sacred, cultural and historical sites.

The Camino de Sydney can be done as a series of day trips or an end-to-end journey. You can walk, cycle, drive or take public transport through individual days or stages. It is a pilgrimage which may take weeks, months, or in fact, a lifetime to complete.

However long you travel, whatever your reasons for starting, we welcome you to the Camino de Sydney.

Buen Camino!

Remember we are but travellers here.

Mary MacKillop

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