Brent and Giselle at Empress Falls, Blue Mountains

The Camino de Sydney.


The Camino de Sydney is a pilgrimage of 29 days which is divided into 7 stages: Over the Pyrenees, Meseta, Southern Cross, Star of the Sea, Mary MacKillop, Galicia and Way of St James.

How the Camino came to be

During the coronavirus pandemic, a couple of Sydneysiders Brent and Giselle, who had booked to walk the Camino de Santiago, like many other would be travellers in 2020, had to put their plans on hold. Instead they decided to visit parts of their own beautiful city, Sydney, some familiar and some new. This site shares the journey so that other locals and in the future, overseas visitors can also enjoy Sydney’s wonders.

Pilgrim Passport

In order to keep track of which days you have walked in your pilgrimage, you can open and print out the below Pilgrim Passport. Similar to the Camino de Santiago in Spain, where each walker has a Credencial del Peregrino (Pilgrim’s Credential), you can keep track of your progress using the below Passport. Either tick when you have completed a day or you can go to a post office en route and ask them to stamp your passport.
At the end of your journey, you can email us a photo of your completed pilgrim passport and we will provide you with the Camino de Sydney certificate.

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