Click on the below image to open the interactive map. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, please see further instructions below.

How to use the map
  • The black line marks the basic path. Click on Day 1, Day 2, etc. to highlight the path for that day.
  • The red lines are optional extension walks which can be added to the main path
  • Click Places of Worship to add drop-pins onto the map. Catholic churches are represented by a purple icon, Anglican churches by a red icon, Pentecostal churches by a yellow icon, Buddhist temples by a maroon icon, Hindu temples by green icon, Mosques by a red icon, Jewish synagogues by an olive icon and Baha’i by light green icon.
  • Click Places of Interest for blue drop pins. Some of the blue drop pins have photos and additional information.
  • Click Accommodation and Food to add accommodation (green bed) and food options (yellow knife and fork) drop pins.
  • Click Public Transport to add drop pins of train stations (brown) and light rail stations (red).
  • Use the + and – buttons in bottom left corner to zoom in and out of different sections of the map. Use left click and drag to move the map in a particular direction.
Opening the map on an iPad or iPhone

To open the map on an iPad or iPhone, you need to click and hold the above map and select Open in New Tab so it opens in a Safari browser.
If you simply click the above map, it will open Google Maps app and you may get an error.

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